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Our mission in a nutshell: Help A Hound, Inc. was formed in August of 2009 to help animals of all breeds, age, size, condition, handicap, and geographical area within Massachusetts. Our focus has changed from our Canine friends to our Feline friends as all the sudden they are in dire trouble in overwhelming numbers. We are dedicated to saving and placing cats and kittens of all breeds, in loving forever homes. Please help us do so!

We are currently assisting owner surrenders, strays, feral, abandoned and displaced cats and kittens as funds are available. Therefore; you see, we can not do it without your help!

We long ago completed the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) training required by the ASPCA to facilitate TNR programs in areas that need to have Feral Cat population control. TNR prevents thousands of unwanted, un-managed and unadaptable cats. All while leaving the cats and kittens in a managed, more healthy environment, where they are fed and provided housing etc. This is not cheap. It takes funds to care for these animals.

Every year tens of thousands of dogs and cats end up at high kill shelters throughout the Southern US. The reasons and excuses are many. Abuse, neglect, can't, don't want to, won't, no time, on and on. Just ONE Georgia High Kill Gassing Shelter in one year received over 7.000 that is SEVEN THOUSAND dogs and cats, 2,058 were adopted out! That means that approximately 4,442 dogs and cats died a hideous death in the gas chamber. Sick to your stomach yet?

Our mission is to help bring awareness to:
The importance of spay and neuter responsibility for population control to end the suffering of thousands of helpless, unwanted animals each year.

The importance of Adopting and not shopping at Pet Shops (purchases of these animals fuels the continuance of the parents suffering in Mills and at the hands of backyard breeders.)

Proper care for family pets-tips on how to maximize care under a small budget.

Help families find low cost spay/neuter centers in order to have their animals altered.

We simply can not do it without your support! Please consider donating today, no amount is too small and all amounts are appreciated, plus - it is a great feeling! Without your help we can not provide what these cats and kittens need.

If preferred donations can be sent directly to our Vetrinarian with a note that it goes to Help A Hound. If you wish to do this please e-mail us and we will provide you with the name and address of the animal hospital that we use.

Help A Hound, Inc. is a registered 501 c 3 corporation so donate with confidence!

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